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Lot. 413


< inscription / 刻印 > PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVE 750
with an original case and a certificate
Ref : 5296R-001 automatic / 自動 / オートマチック length / 長度 / 長さ 21.5cm weight / 重量 67.4g case size / 表盤尺寸 / ケースサイズ φ38mm
HKD : 130,000 - 180,000
( HKD 1,700,000 - 2,300,000 )  ( USD 17,000 - 23,000 )

Auction Result
Est-Ouest Auctions Co., Ltd. warranty does not apply to the condition concerning the operation of the piece such as immovable or clock error. All the timepieces does not gurantee whether if the operation for usual use can be endured. Any damage or defect of the appearance such as scratch is not mentioned in the catalogue. All the prospective buyers are advised to examine the condition of the objects prior to the purchase.

“Calatrava“ was introduced since 1932, became synonymous of traditional collection of Patek Philippe. This design, which detail is calculated precisely, had reached high degree of completion at the time of the announcement, gave influence to various Men dress watches after war. its very simple design without useless elements, delicate parts can be clearly seen, its sense is one of the reasons that the watch become popular. For example, the beautiful case line with smooth curve, hour hand and index can clearly been seen from any direction, lugs extending to flow from the case, you can enjoy the Self-winding movement of Cal.324SC over sapphire crystal from case back. This models with beautiful design which can be viewed even from any angle, exquisite craftsmanship with advanced technology, this is the masterpiece of Patek Philippe not only in function but also the design. The Ref.5296, a two-tone color dial, “3 circular design” is equipped on dial let the hour even minute and second can be read easily to read. Elegant blue steel pin hand show point the time gracefully for each circle of the same color. The creation of Patek Philippe have never stopped from a long history.Patek Philippe style and tradition are existing and its masterpieces are treasure.

Commentaries stated in online catalogue are just for participants' reference, the pictures and explanations of the lots (artist, year, size, weight, materials, color, technique, provenance, condition, title, damage, and restorations) are not to subject representation of facts but rather subjective statements of opinions held by Est-Ouest.
We therefore do not accept any cancellation based on the statements provided from the online catalogue.
As a matter of fact, the items that we introduce in the auction is not brand new, specifically the antique works are on the premise that aging degradation and used-damage might be appeared.
For those who wish to purchase, we would highly recommend to examine the items in person and make judgement by yourself at the auction preview.

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