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Lot. 414


< inscription / 刻印 > PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVE SWISS 750
with an original case and a certificate
Ref : 5134J-001 manual movement / 手動 / 手巻き length / 長度 / 長さ 22.3cm weight / 重量 91.2g case size / 表盤尺寸 / ケースサイズ φ36mm
HKD : 140,000 - 190,000
( HKD 1,800,000 - 2,500,000 )  ( USD 18,000 - 25,000 )

Auction Result
Est-Ouest Auctions Co., Ltd. warranty does not apply to the condition concerning the operation of the piece such as immovable or clock error. All the timepieces does not gurantee whether if the operation for usual use can be endured. Any damage or defect of the appearance such as scratch is not mentioned in the catalogue. All the prospective buyers are advised to examine the condition of the objects prior to the purchase.

This model was introduced in 2001 in Basel World Watch Fair. Highly commendable and practicality dual time zone watch. It has a practical and beautiful index and one-touch holding buckle which is very convenient and functional.Since the movement Cal.215 debuted in 1970s, equipped in multiple hand-wound watch more than one period. This movement model is greatly popular with enthusiasts and collectors. Thickness 2.55 mm and 130 parts with fine precision decorated, carry forward the glorious history of over 160 years Patek Philippe mechanical watches and its traditions. Two time zone was showed clearly by two different overlapping hour hand.In two hour hand, the black pin indicates local time (the place being travelling) and gold-colored pin indicates the home time.When at home place, the two hour hands overlap and rotate. When travelling abroad, it can indicate different time zone. The button at the side of the case can be turned and adjust to the time of the place being travelling. On the top of the sub dial, 24 hour time meter is assists to indicate the morning or afternoon time at home country and second hand is at the bottom side of subdial . In modern times 24 times zone, ideal watch is which able to adjust the time in different districts around the world, it is especially required for business man who always travel. It is discontinued after 2009, thus this travel time style watch with high performance become very rare model. This is the prestige masterpiece of Patek Philippe.

Commentaries stated in online catalogue are just for participants' reference, the pictures and explanations of the lots (artist, year, size, weight, materials, color, technique, provenance, condition, title, damage, and restorations) are not to subject representation of facts but rather subjective statements of opinions held by Est-Ouest.
We therefore do not accept any cancellation based on the statements provided from the online catalogue.
As a matter of fact, the items that we introduce in the auction is not brand new, specifically the antique works are on the premise that aging degradation and used-damage might be appeared.
For those who wish to purchase, we would highly recommend to examine the items in person and make judgement by yourself at the auction preview.

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