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Lot. 126


mineral pigment and glue on canvas
signed, titled and dated on the reverse ”Lee u-fan From Point No. 221 1974.8”
24.7×33.5 cm
private collection, Japan 
Gallery Celler Tokyo, 2016
Gallery TS4312, Tokyo, 2016
private collection, Japan 
Gallery Jiyugaoka, Tokyo
HKD : 600,000 - 900,000
( USD 78,000 - 120,000 )  ( JPY 8,100,000 - 12,000,000 )

Price Realized
HKD : 767,000
“Air around is getting move when a point is hit on the canvas. A stroke, a stone and an iron are become living things when corresponds to the on external environment, the things and the spaces respond to each other, and margins are created with fresh resound. ” – “The Art of Margins” by Lee U-Fan
After moving to Japan in 1956 and studying philosophy, Lee started to execute three-dimensional works by using iron, stone, cotton, glass and so on since 1967, and played the leading role of art movement Mono-ha that took place at that time in Japan. In 1973, Lee became motivated to begin his first signature series of painting, “From Point” and “From Line”, which repeated drawing numerous identical points and lines on the surface. From Lee’s works, the viewers may have a feeling that deep spirituality can be discovered under the sophisticated beauty. Lee could create works with such complex feelings because he was deeply affected by an old painter, who lived near him when he was young, taught him about the drawing method of points and lines, which brought about his concept of point as the origin of the universe, as he stated “all things in the universe start from a point and return to a point.” By integrating the western and eastern styles, Lee has opened up a whole new world for abstract art. From then on, Lee was less restricted when drawing points and lines with irregular movement, and his creative orientation has shifted to “With Winds” and “From Winds”. Moreover, under his brilliant technique of painting, his works have elevated to a new level which has included oriental concept of space and time.
A brush appearing by grasping points and lines as a result of the interrelationship between the pressure of the brush and the elasticity of the canvas, in which chalk or white rock powder and glue are painted on the canvas. These 3 works presented in this sale, included “From Point” executed in 1974, “With Winds” in 1987, “Correspondence” in 1993. From the works, the skin colors of the ground which is scraped down more simply and becomes margins develop gradually and gradually, with important meaning, where it is valuable opportunity to follow Lee’s trajectory.
Points and lines full of energy, then, Lee shows the relation between human beings and things, human beings and the world through the screen, and continues activities while exploring the way of self as opposed to things. In 2010, Lee’s first self-museum, Lee Ufan Museum, is opened in Naoshima, further to activities in Japan and Korea, his three-dimension works are exhibited in Royal Park Kensington Gardens where Serpentine Gallery in London, which dealing with modern artists such as Man Ray, Andy Warhol, Sugimoto Hiroshi and Damien Hirst, are also in the same place starting from February this year. His international reputation has become firmly established.

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